Rain Screen Technology:

What created water problems in Condominiums were that paper and wire were nailed to the wood and then the stucco was put on top with no space between. So if water seeps through, there is not place for it to go, creating what we call ‘ leaky condos’.

Today’s new rainsceen technology is done differently. The first layer is put on followed by vertical spears as well as a tar-like corregrated protector to allow space for any moisture to channel out rather than sit within the wall. There is a drainage cavity beneath the exterior wall that allows water and moisture that penetrates the exterior covering of a building to drain out before being soaked up by the insulation and wood studs, therefore preventing leaks and water damage in condos.

My focus now is residential real estate through the lower mainland. Any size, any price. I have 34 years of experience and have held over 60 listings at one time, selling all of them. My flexibility shows with the price range of my most recent sales:

West Vancouver…$780,000
Point Grey …$820,000
Downtown Van…..$147,000
East Vancouver …$378,000